Round Genesis cache-pot with light

An essential idea and solution for those who want to combine a design object with stylish lighting.

Technical specifications:

Cod.Dim. cmØ BaseLitersInfo
CH302-HI0R70Ø 31x70Ø 2415Indoor
CH302-HI0R85Ø 38x85Ø 2820Indoor
CH302-HIR100Ø 45x100Ø 3430Indoor
CH302-HIR130Ø 49x130Ø 3735Indoor
CH302-HO0R70Ø 31x70Ø 2415Outdoor
CH302-HO0R85Ø 38x85Ø 2820Outdoor
CH302-HOR100Ø 45x100Ø 3430Outdoor
CH302-HOR130Ø 49x130Ø 3735Outdoor
CH302-TO0R70Ø 31x70Ø 2415Outdoor RGB
CH302-TOR85Ø 38x85Ø 2820Outdoor RGB
CH302-TOR100Ø 45x100Ø 3430Outdoor RGB