Our appearance contains a lot of substance: there is a whole world in every single vase.
We take care of you, your garden and your terrace.
Because without nature, this life would be much more bare.
With us you can surround yourself with greenery and enjoy the well-being it offers. To live beyond beauty alone, to live well.

We transform plastic into dreams within everyone’s reach. Behind every purchase there is a project that sees the light also thanks to our work.

We know that with our contribution we can give much more than one vase, or many vases: we guarantee quality over time, always respecting people and the environment.

Design, guided by the historical experience of our company, is what gives a soul to our creations.

They become works that have a functional and also aesthetic objective, such as hosting the roots of a plant or personalizing and furnishing an environment.

Each new project is an opportunity to express our experience with the utmost care and dedication. Quality, reliability and operational flexibility have always been the values ​​on which VECA’s production activity is based. Each product represents what we are, the result of the fusion of our skills with our passions.




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Our staff is always ready to assist you wherever you are. Our strength is flexibility, in the where, how and when.