Veca is a constantly growing company
that has been designing, producing
and selling high-quality plastic pots for 30 years.

Our experience, combined with our propensity to search for innovative solutions, has enabled us to adapt rapidly to changing market trends and to become a benchmark in the garden sector both in Italy and in Europe. Today Veca produces plastic pots which are competitive both in terms of quality and price, and are tailored to every need.

Veca currently has six factories covering a total of 25,000 square meters and equipped with 40 rotational and injection production systems. Each year we produce more than 26 million pieces and handle about 10,000 orders: numbers that attest to our unstoppable evolution.

Each new project is an opportunity to express our experience with the utmost care and dedication. Quality, reliability and operational flexibility are the values on which VECA bases its production. Every product represents who we are, the successful fusion of our skills with our passions.


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Our staff is always ready to assist you wherever you are. Our strength is flexibility in the where, how and when.